Special Shipping Arrangement

Due to the Coronavirus, and substantial reduction in flight frequencies or even cancellation of flights to major destinations by airlines, air parcel to service to most countries has been suspended. (please check with your country post office website for any news) Air parcel was our default way of shipment, but now customers’ order from the above countries have to be shipped by surface mail, which can take two months.

And for customers from the US and Canada. The is some limitation on shipping. I have arranged a fulfillment center in New York to help out. I am sending my stocks over there in bulk by cargo flight. And the fulfillment center will ship to you individually. It is not as quick as me sending you directly. Average time is around a month from the moment you order to receiving the toy.
You can email (info@playsometoys.com) me before or after your purchase if you have any question or special request.
Sorry for the inconvenience
Philip Lee
Creator of Classicbot