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Classic TV Tinbot Golden Age

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Classic TV Tinbot is a crossover project between us and Tinbtot The Collectiblies , a great designer series from Hong Kong. The Golden Age is the latest colorway. Not only there are beautiful gold highlights on the limbs. There are a new pair of golden spectacles which add sophistication to the robot.

Classic TV Tinbot is using the format of Tinbot, which is a tin box with magnetic arms and legs. Everything comes stored in the tin box. You can attached the arms and legs anywhere you like. The box is printed with graphic to resemble a vintage TV set. It is just as adorable as any Classicbot figure. There is also an extra head so you can display it like a typical Tinbot toy.

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Classicbot TV Tinbot contains small parts and not suitable for person under 14 years of age.

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