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Classicbot OS 2.0 (with free Augmented Reality feature)

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Classicbot OS 2.0 is a variant of Classicbot Classic. Like the original ,a lot of attention is paid to capture the spirit of the classic computer. But this time it has a classic desktop operating system displayed on its monitor. Each icon on the toy is painstakingly designed.

What makes it even more exciting is the Augmented Reality (AR) feature that we added to the toy. This feature will make the monitor comes to life. To unlock this AR feature all you have to do is download a free third-party app UnifiedAR on your phone, turn on the app, and point your camera close to the monitor of the toy. You will see things on the monitor starts to move and Classicbot will say hello to you. You can check out the video demo:

Download UnifiedAR here:

For iPhone

For Android


The toy is produced by precise injection molding with high-quality abs plastic.

Each Classicbot )S 2.0 is about 10cm tall. He carries a “font suitcase” in his hand and is accompanied by his friendly mouse (model G5431b).

Detachable arms are held on by magnets – the perfect way to turn Classicbot OS 2.0 into his pure computer form.

Please read our Shipping , refund policy and term of uses before you make payment

Please understand that AR on this toy is a free add on feature. It relied on the third-party app UnifiedAR. We cannot guarantee the app are always functions or maintained in highest performance. Please also notice that phones older than 2 year may have problem unlocking the AR feature. If you have any question about the technical side of think you can contact the people from UnifiedAR

Please note that images shown here are computer-enhanced The final product may differ slightly in appearance.

Classicbot Classic is a collectible figure. He contains small parts and is not suitable for children aged under 12 years.

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