coming soon

It is our mission to bring as many cool designs to life as possible. So Classicbot Classic is only a first start. Here are some preview of what is in the pipe line.


iBot G3

iBot G3, the most colourful design. It is molded in transparent plastic. Guess what color it will come in besides bondi blue.


Classicbot IIe

I did a voting on facebook and Instagram at the end of last year to see what model of Classicbot they want to see next. Turned out IIe and Newton were the most popular ones. Since IIe is actually the first computer at my home, I decide to do it next. The IIe has a few separated parts, i.e. the monitor, the disk drive and the body. I intended to make it a combination robot (kinda like the Volton)! It will be a lot of fun!  Fans of Newton ,don’t worry , I will get there in the near future. Stay tuned


 Classicbot Enamel Pins

It is always my goal to extend the line beyond toys. I am taking a small step now. Introducting our lines of enamel pins. These lovely design will be available at the end of March this year.