A paper model to spend time with during the lockdown.

Because of the serious pandemic, a lot of us are forced to stay home. I myself enjoy more time with my kids and as an introvert not going out is not really too big a deal. But I imagine a lot of people may get bored. Here is a little something for you to kill your time. Here is a paper model of the Trash Icon. You can download it here. It is a simple build. You can print it out. The one you see in the photo is printed on A4 art card. But you can print it bigger or smaller. You simply cut the line, fold along the line and stick them together. A little tip is you may want to score the fold lines with the back of a knife. So it will be crisper when you fold.

You can store things in it. It is a good desktop accessory. I hope you enjoy it.




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